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Reigning Cats & Dogs "Tucson's Pet Sitter"
Reigning Cats & Dogs "Tucson's Pet Sitter"

The following are unpaid, actual client comments and endorsements...

"(We) want to thank you for the excellent job you did taking care of our dog, Zane, and our house, while we were on vacation. It was great knowing that everything was in your capable hands, and that we could relax and enjoy the trip. Which we did! When we got back, it was a pleasure to hear from the other owners at the dog park about how they had seen you exercising Zane there, and about how impressed they had been with you and with the care Zane was getting. Anyone who has you taking care of their pet is lucky.

(We) recommend you to anyone who needs any pet sitting..."

--Jerry & Sally M.

Reigning Cats & Dogs "Tucson's Pet Sitter"

"Thanks so much for taking care of our 'kids' and the house.  We
really appreciate your service and attention to details. 

When reading your descriptions, we both said, "Yup! That's Chelsea & Meows!"  We actually looked forward to reading your emails each day!  They gave us peace of mind."

--Angela A.


"If you cringe at the thought of boarding your precious pet, you will be pleased to find Reigning Cats and Dogs a perfect alternative.

Much more than pet-sitting service with a clever name, the real crown should go to its proprietor, Linda Zubel for her expertise, integrity and compassion. Upon completing the initial detailed questionnaire, I was confident that this licensed, bonded professional had a clear understanding of my needs and expectations in addition to my pet's routine and idiosyncrasies. Upon my return I was impressed that she did not just TAKE CARE of my pet…she CARED for my precious little Brodie.

Honest and reliable as Reigning Cats and Dogs is, my only regret is that Ms. Zubel isn't an auto mechanic too."

--Cele U.


"I'm glad...I have your address to drop you a note of thanks. I do want to thank you again for your care of my special babies. I'm such a worry wart when it comes to them and I'm glad I found you in time to give me the confidence so I could leave them and know they were in good hands. It sounds like Papa fell in love with you and as for Bandit...he was so excited when I got home as he always is...I could tell his needs were met while I was away. Again, thank you--I will be sure to call you again when I need pet sitting help in Tucson and I'd be happy to serve as a reference should you ever need one."

--Sandra C.


"Thanks for the tips about the water stations around our walking route.

It was so nice to come home to the dogs and see that they were so happy. You provide such a great service. I didn't worry at all when I was away.

I am so grateful for your service."

--Sean E

"We know that our feline family is in good hands with you while we are away.  Thanks again for your personalized care."

--Anna A.

"You did an excellent job.  We have never returned to such calm dogs....   We will be happy to recommend your services to all our friends.  We will also call you again when we plan our next travel dates.....   Thanks again!"

--Lisa A.

"Thanks Linda, you're the best!   Looking forward to seeing my little kitty brood.  Thanks for taking such good care of them!"

--Christa H.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way you care for the boys.  They are very happy, healthy and calm.  It certainly takes away the guilt I feel leaving them so long.  As you know, they are my family and thanks to you, I can go on adventures."

--Linda V.

"I'm so glad we found your business!!  I don't have to worry about taking a vacation."

--Alan H.

"Your pet sitting service is the best I've ever used, hands down.  What's more, (their) comfort and safety are worth it!"

--Jennifer T.

"I have always thought you've undercharged for the excellent care you give Mica, even on short notice, and especially for the peace of mind you give ME when I'm gone.  I love that she can stay in her home and not a kennel.  From the personal touch, to the informative emails, you are ONE of a KIND !!  I totally appreciate being able to trust you with my home and with my best pal !!  I look forward to having you care for Mica in the future....."

--Shannon W.

"Everything looks fantastic here.  I can't tell you how pleasant it is to come home to a house looking so nice.  Thank you!  I was happy to read your updates.....   Thank you again so much  for taking such good care of the kids.  I'm so glad I've met you!  It's so great to travel and know they are in such good kind hands."

--Rebecca H.

 "Linda takes such good care of our pooches when we are out of town. They really seem to enjoy her company. Linda sends us twice a day updates via email and it is always very comforting to hear what our dogs have been up to in our absence. I would highly recommend Linda for her pet-sitting services. She is the BEST!" 

--Nancy C.

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PSI (Pet Sitters International) & Humane Society of Southern AZ


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