Why do you need a pet sitter?

  • Leaving your kingdom and need someone to watch your pets?
  • Is Fido becoming “Fatso” and you need someone to walk him?
  • Feeling guilty, working long hours and leaving your pet home alone?
  • Tired of imposing on neighbors?
  • Neighbors tired of you imposing upon them?
  • Is Kitty scratching on the furniture more than you're scratching on her?
  • Aren't your pets better off at home, even if you're not?

Answered "yes" to any of these questions?

Look no farther than Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service LLC

We’ll provide you with some solutions by offering services including dog walking, pet sitting, basic house sitting, poop scooping, and even a "Welcome Back" grocery service.

From a mid-day dog walk while you're working, to full-time pet care while you're vacationing, we will be there for you and your pets.

Our petting sitting service is also a great option if you're crate training a puppy, working late or are physically unable to walk the dog.

We’re bonded and insured for your protection and all our pet sitters are screenand, and covered by my policies.

Our Services


Daily Visits

Choose either 20, 30, 45 or 60-minute visits, 1 - 3 times per day

  • 20 minute $20
  • 30 minute $25
  • 45 minute $30
  • 60 minute $35
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Dog Walking

Up to 3 dogs
  • 20 minute $20
  • 30 minute $25
  • 45 minute $30
  • 60 minute $35
  • Additional dogs $3 each per walk

Our Basic Visit Includes

  • Cleaning water & food bowls
  • Feeding & watering pets
  • Litter box cleaning and/or poop scooping
  • Observation of pets for any behavioral or health changes
  • Playtime, exercising, belly rubs, ear rubs, and any other affection your pets are fond of
  • Administration of medicines and/or vitamins,  per your instruction
  • Feeding and watering houseplants, per your instruction
  • Collection of newspapers, mail and flyers
  • Varying of lights and blinds, per your instruction
  • Taking trash & recycle bins to & from curb, if applicable
  • Daily text or email update, so you know how things are going!

Overnight Stays

Your sitter stays in your home for 12 out of 24 hours. $75 per visit.

Poop Scooping

$20 per visit.


Grocery Restocking

Have the necessities ready and waiting for you. $20 plus purchase price and tax of items purchased.


Peace Of Mind

We are bonded and insured as well as Pet First Aid and CPR certified. Sitters are screened and vetted.

Saves Money

Our prices include multiple pets plus basic house-sitting services like plant watering and mail collection.

Time Saver

We come to you. No need to pack up the pets, leashes, food, bowls, toys, bed, etc.

Crime Deterrent

Varying lights and blinds, bringing in mail and newspapers, keeping the house looking "lived-in".

Who We Are


A Bit About Me

Life-long animal lover and a devoted pet mom.

Support several local Tucson animal shelters and rescue groups.

Have adopted several stray and unwanted animals.

Am reliable, dependable, committed and also a firm believer that in-home pet care is preferable in most situations.


Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Proud Member of Pet Sitters International, Humane Society of Southern AZ

Petmasters Approved

Our Goals

Keeping you and your pets 'royally' happy.

Providing customized, professional in-home pet care.

Changing your pet's habits and routines as LITTLE as possible.

Spending quality time with your pets.

Pampering and giving undivided attention to your pets.

Carrying out your EXACT instructions and wishes.

Being a more personal and more gentle alternative means of pet care.

About Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service LLC

Keeping you and your pets 'royally' happy.

I started the business in Tucson in 2006; it has always been female-owned and operated.

We’re bonded and Insured for your protection & peace of mind. All my staff sitters and dog walkers have been interviewed, screened and have passed a background check before ever being introduced to a client. They are all covered by my bonding and insurance policies.

Service Areas

85701, 85705, 85710, 85711, 85712, 85715, 85716, 85718, 85719, 85750

Contact Us

Serving central Tuscon since 2006

PO Box 12623
Tucson, AZ 85732
(520) 780-7945 please leave a message



We are bonded and insured for your protection. We're also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR for your pet's protection.

I have attended pet body language and behavioral seminars at professional pet sitters’ conferences as well as researched many aspects of pets and why they do what they do.

Your pet gets one-on-one-attention, affection, and professional loving care making pets feel loved, not abandoned. Your pets and pet sitter develop a lasting bond.


Pets stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home; pet siblings keep each other company, providing even more reassurance. Their routine, diet, and surroundings remain unchanged.


Staying at home eliminates exposure to other animals and possible illnesses.


No strange cages or animals; no transportation anxiety (for you OR your pets!!); no strange food, schedules or activities. Less stress = happier pets.

Preferably, as soon as possible. It’s actually not a bad idea to inquire about our availability before booking your actual travel plans, just to be on the safe side. Pet sitting companies and individual staff sitters can book-up quickly, especially around typical "travel holidays”.

Call to arrange a free, in-home consultation so we can meet you and your pets and discuss your specific needs. We utilize Pet Sitter Plus professional pet sitting software, to which I will email you a link for you to create an account with us and enter all of the information regarding the care of your home and pet(s). Should you decide to leave your pets in our care, we will obviously need a house key at the time of the consultation. I would advise notifying your vet that Reigning Cats & Dogs will be caring for your pets. Also, if applicable, notify your neighbors we'll be entering your home so they don’t become concerned or suspicious.

During the in-home consultation, the possibility of and course of action for such a scenario will be discussed. Emergencies are never predictable, but with a plan of action, they can be contained and kept to a minimum.

Although tips are never expected, they are always appreciated!

We have very satisfied clients that would be available to contact upon request. I have completed Pet First Aid and CPR certifications. I'm am also bonded and insured.

At this time, there is no state licensing board for pet sitters as there is for teachers, daycare providers, etc. We do, however, have a license to do business in the City of Tucson.

Online Access

Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service LLC is pleased to offer you an online account service. If you already have an account with us you can login here. If you do not yet have an account, please take a moment to register.

Use our client portal to access a vareity of features that will make your time away from your pets easier: account with us you can login here. If you do not yet have an account, please take a moment to register.

  • View your schedule to ensure that we have the correct services booked for you
  • See GPS data relating to visits we made providing reassurance of our reliability
  • Book and cancel services online using our advanced booking service
  • Update your own account information
  • Provide emergency contacts
  • Tell us about your pets and their care requirements
  • Upload your favorite pet photos
  • Pay with your credit card, debit card or bank account
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